BEGA Connect

BEGA Connect

Convenient control of lighting - anywhere

The future of demand- and environment-oriented lighting management: BEGA Connect

Simple, convenient, quickly ready for use: BEGA Connect enables lighting management online in the cloud - and even independently of an available Internet connection.
BEGA Connect skillfully sets the scene for smaller lighting installations as well as lighting projects in sophisticated architecture - regardless of where they are located. 

BEGA Connect makes complex projects simple for beginners and professionals alike. Where previously complex DALI installations had to be planned and implemented, in future our new Architectural Lighting Management System (ALMS) will make it quick and easy to get started. Even without prior DALI knowledge, the system is easy to commission, operate and monitor.

BEGA Connect is the cloud-based lighting control system for sophisticated architecture. The technology-agnostic platform for the simplest setup, configuration and staging of lighting enables control, planning, automation and monitoring of individual luminaires or groups of luminaires via the intuitive BEGA Connect app.

The intelligent control system stands for the demand-oriented and at the same time environmentally compatible use of lighting systems. To protect a dark night sky and thus nocturnal animals, night-time power reduction or switch-off becomes an easy task, as does the use of motion and/or twilight sensors. Lighting automation and responsible ecological action from a single source - from anywhere in the world and independent of available Internet.

In locations where no Internet access is available, the Air Connector provides self-sufficient online access via Narrowband Internet of Things (Narrowband IoT). Simply switch it on - and the lighting installation is online. Without Internet connection and earthworks, a few hand movements are enough. Because simplifying the complexity of control technology is one of the great advantages of the BEGA Architectural Lighting Management System. The Air Connector is ideally suited for lighting installations without access to a local Internet connection. 

Security is the top priority for all applications: data is handled according to the highest standards and is located on cloud servers that are subject to the strictest data protection laws. 


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